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  • To sign up with us and receive job alerts, download and print our 2016 promotional application form.
  • We also need a P46 form from you. This will enable us to pay you for your shifts.
  • Post your application forms back to Link Communication, Governor House, 47 Kent Road, Leeds, LS28 9BB.
  • If accepted onto our database of field marketing staff, you will receive an email to welcome you to the team.
Download P46
  • Commitment – From the moment you’re booked on a job, you should commit your time and energy to the job.
  • Punctuality – Ensure you turn up in plenty of time and are ready to work for the commencement of your shift.
  • Enthusiasm – You are representing a brand, so creating a good impression on the public is absolutely vital.
  • Positivity – Dress to impress and have a positive attitude makes a world of difference when promoting brands.
  • Once you’re registered with us, you will receive calls, texts and emails regarding work available in your area.
  • Call the office on 0113 278 7808 to apply for a job that’s been sent to you or just to notify us of your availability.
  • When booked on a job you’ll receive a confirmation email containing your shift dates, times, locations and pay.
  • Closer to the campaign date you’ll also receive your instructions and maps. You must read these thoroughly.
  • On completion of each shift you are required to take photos and fill out a feedback form for us to show client.
  • Please upload at least 25 photos that you’ve taken, as our clients love to see what a great job you’ve done!
  • Feedback is vital, so submitting a detailed form with photos will mean you’ll be top of our list for future work.
  • Please fill the feedback form for your work from the link above.
  • We’re keen to ensure that you get properly paid for every single shift you work for us, at the end of each month.
  • With over 500 staff to arrange wage runs and expenses for each month, sometimes we need your help too!
  • If you have a problem, fill in the form here:
  • This goes through to wage processing team who will respond and resolve it, before the next pay run.
  • Link Communication offer valuable student and professional work placements for marketing & PR careers.
  • You will be immersed into a dynamic team, organising live campaigns and helping with company marketing.
  • Example projects will include website development, PR, SEO, Direct Mail, CRM, Researching & creative media.
  • Enhance your CV, and give yourself the edge when job hunting. Apply now:
  • Discover new and exciting campaigns to work on, including roadshows, in store promotions and all new jobs.
  • Keep up to date with any important notices and join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and stay in the loop.
  • Find out what’s been happening, learn from experts and see if you’ve been awarded staff of the month prize!
  • Join us at: and