Product Sampling


  • Create immediate and sustained growth for your brand by professionally presenting samples of your produce.
  • Utilise our massive sampling experience across all supermarkets, high streets, stations, events and locations.
  • Ensure shoppers are educated on your USPs, engaged in dialogue, experience your brand and try a sample.
  • Add fun emotional engagement, retail theatre and believable advocacy to create new loyal customers.


PizzaExpress Trike

Tricycle Sampling and Leaflet Distribution on High Streets, Stations and Office Areas


Experiential Product Sampling and Integrated Social Media

French’s Mustard

Experiential Sampling In Front of 100 Tesco and Sainsburys Supermarkets  

Goodlife Foods

Social Media Integration with Experiential Sampling and PR Media in Shopping Area


Roaming Sampling to Students at University  

Guinness Gourmet Nuts

Tactical Roaming Sampling to Rugby Fans at Six Nations Fixtures  

Illy Issimo

Roaming Tactical Sampling to Professionals on High Streets, Shopping Areas and Stations


Experiential Sampling for PR and Media Coverage to Journalists

Manning Impex

Multi-Lingual Sampling for Chinese and Ethnic Brands at Chinese Supermarkets

Cookies Bakery Biscuit

Car Park Sampling in Front of Tesco Supermarkets

First Buses

Product Demonstrations and Downloads at Freshers’ Fairs and University Campuses

Mornflake Superfast Cereal

In Store Product Sampling to Waitrose and Independent Farm Shops  


Alcoholic Drink Product Sampling and Experiential Events to Students at Universities  

Lidl Pop Up Soup Kitchen

Experiential Supermarket Sampling Event to Office Workers and Shoppers  


Experiential Sampling University Student Roadshow with Facebook, Twitter Social Media Integration

Thorntons Chocolate

Tactical Roaming Sampling at Train Stations

Butchers Pet Care

Experiential Product Sampling & Engagement at County Shows

Kellogg’s Krave

Social Media Integration and Tactical Sampling Campaign


Sampling and Product Demonstrations to Students at Universities

Pierre Fabre Avene Thermal

Cosmetic Sampling and Sales Activation in Department Stores  

Norseland Cheese

Catering Tradeshow Sampling Exhibition Event Area Design, Build, Roadshow


Experiential Sampling at Asda and Sainsburys Supermarkets

Soft Cup

Personal Care Sampling and Demonstrations in Boots Cosmetics Department Stores  

Real Crisps

Tactical Roaming Sampling for Integrated Press, PR Stunts and Media Coverage

Cherry Valley

Multi-Lingual Duck Sampling for Chinese and International Brands at Chinese Supermarkets

Schwartz Grill Mates

In Store Catering Trade Sampling and Demonstrations at Booker Wholesale Stores

PizzaExpress Roaming

Portable Sampling Display Trays and Leafleting on High Streets, Stations and Office Areas

Manning Impex

Sampling and Direct Sales at Malaysia Night Consumer Show and Event

Glorious Soup

Experiential Product Sampling Roadshow at Events, Stations and Office Areas

Aunt Bessie’s

Supermarket Sampling In Store and On Aisle in Tesco  

ChocOle Chocolate Biscuit

Confectionary Car Park Sampling in Front of Tesco Supermarkets  

Kepak Feasters

In Store Supermarket Hot Product Sampling At Asda

Brasso Gadget Care

Experiential Demonstrations and Exhibition Stand at The Gadget Show

Debbie & Andrews

Experiential Sampling and Sales at Food Festivals, county Shows, and Consumer Events    

Mexicana Cheese

Experiential Sampling at Asda, Tesco and Morrisons Supermarkets

Primula Cheese

Experiential Sampling and Fun Engagement at County Shows and Theme Parks

Zugo Deli

Experiential Product Sampling Roadshow at Stations, Office Areas and High Streets


Promotional Bag Sampling at University Freshers’ Fairs

Zugo Deli Café

Sampling Catering Trailer Creation and National Sampling Roadshow

Kepak Rustlers

In Store Supermarket Hot Product Sampling At Tesco  

Caledonian Cooler

Tactical Roaming Drink Sampling Squad Using Male Models

Cancer Research

City Centre Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution

Crabbies Fruits

Experiential Marketing Road Show with Pop Up Sampling Bar in Shopping Centres


Tinned Fish Pop Up Restaurant Trade Sampling Campaign at Supermarket Head Offices

Jack Links

Experiential Sampling at Tesco and Asda Supermarket Roadshow


Tactical Roaming Product Sampling at Festivals, Theme Parks and Events


Experiential Sampling and Sales Activation In Front of Asda and Tesco Supermarkets

Kepak Feasters

Experiential Sampling Trial Across Asda Supermarket Car Parks Nationwide

Guinness Gourmet Nuts

Tactical Roaming Sampling to Rugby Fans at Six Nations Fixtures

Mexicana Cheese

Experiential Sampling at Universities, Student Area Supermarkets & Events


Tactical Roaming Beverage Sampling Squads Using Jet Packs on High Streets