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Promotional Product Sampling

Product sampling puts your product in the hands and minds of potential customers. Sampling provides a way for customers to try out your product without the risk of deviating from something else that they already know. This is often a vital method of ensuring products make it onto the shelves of retailers and that they stay there when faced with heavy competition.

FMCG Product Sampling

You can sample almost any type of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) product, in almost any type of location. We organise and execute promotional sampling campaigns in supermarkets, on high streets, in train stations, around universities, in pubs and bars, at festivals; wherever is most appropriate for your brand.

Product samples offered to students in a bar

National Promotional Sampling Road Shows or Tactical Product Sampling Campaigns

We offer all types of promotional sampling, from simple pre-packed products and “dry” goods, to complex cooked food products and “wet” hot and cooked promotional sampling. We provide everything from fully catered national product sampling road shows to a small team of promotional sampling staff deployed exactly where you need them.

Supermarket sampling, train station sampling and any other type of location can either be executed inside the venue or outside of it. Tactical sampling uses roaming field marketing teams to hand out promotional product samples in "tactical" locations such as outside of train stations, supermarkets, universities, shopping areas - anywhere you like - to reach your target audience. This is lower-cost than a road show, as it is not necessary to construct an event area, or tour across various cities. This often saves a significant amount of budget on having to pay for expensive official event spaces.

A promotional sampling road show can include a custom-built product sampling vehicle, which might cook or refrigerate the promotional product samples and add an extra element of visual branding to the sampling campaign. This would be toured across the selected cities by a senior team leader, who would meet up with high calibre sampling staff / brand ambassadors, that are used to communicated your brand's core proposition. These staff would normally be local to each area (reducing costs as much as possible), and selected from Link Communication's nationwide database of 9,000 high calibre brand ambassadors.

Cake sample served by a girl to an old lady in a supermarket

Cake sample served by a girl to an old lady in a supermarket
Cake sample served by a girl to an old lady in a supermarket


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