All aboard for public transport’s top marketing tactics – for localised and seasonal bus routes

One of the early 20th Century pioneers of marketing (J Wanamaker) famously said “Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half!” For most bus route operators, it’s a common issue as their ability to reach new potential passengers for their geographically limited bus routes

All aboard for public transport’s top marketing tactics – for localised and seasonal bus routes 2018-02-19T17:01:04+00:00


It's a question I am asked frequently by enlightened brand managers and owners, who are keen to make the most of their modest marketing budgets. Here's a summarised run down that applies to almost any food and drink brand that's considering where to take their brand in 2018 if they want to generate a measurable


Zabeer Hussain

Zabeer Hussain - Financial Director A proven ability to constantly challenge and improve existing processes and systems. Possessing excellent communication skills and having the ability to communicate professionally with clients and colleagues on detailed financial issues. Managing, Analysing and reporting to executives and directors on: key performance indicators, business risks, business objectives,

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Michelle Watson

Michelle Watson - Accounts Administration At Link, I deal with the financial side of things, keeping the books balanced and generally help keep everything moving like clockwork! I have worked here for a few years now and it's fantastic to see how the company how grown in leaps and bounds (Which I

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Alex Keelan

Alex Keelan - Production Assistant Started out in Link as a brand ambassador, leaflet distribution, door to door leafleting... even dressing up as a bear mascot for First Buses! To say it's been a rollercoaster ride would be an understatement. Link is always challenging, diverse and engaging. Nowadays, I aid in providing,

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Oliver Good

Oliver Good - Marketing & Production Currently I help with various aspects of the company's growth. Primarily I research, acquire and prioritise potential clients that might be beneficial to Link as well as maintain contact between clients. Secondly, I also provide production with any assistance they might need, be it with acquisition

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Ciara Lennon

Ciara Lennon - Campaign Executive My range of skills come from a long history of job roles that require a high standard of customer service, people management and the ability to think quickly on my feet. At Link, I have managed to utilise and develop myself further, as a result I have

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Casey Meadowcroft

Casey Meadowcroft - Production Manager My main priorities and responsibilities are ensuring that all the various elements needed on campaigns are met from start to finish. From cutlery to vehicle conversions and from lighting to display graphics - you name it - I get it sorted. I also have a wealth of

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Haleemah Harroon

Haleemah Harroon - Campaign Manager I started at Link on an apprentice level, helping out on various campaigns, leaflet distribution and that sort of thing. Until I got a real taste for the work we do here and I began setting my sights higher. Now I am an integral part of the

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Tomas Cummings

Tomas Cummings - Creative Design & Media Manager Having an abundance of experience across a wide range of creative disciplines within the industry, I am able to pull in influences from all aspects of art & design, to implement them into our practice as a business and an agency. I also like

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